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the "Unsung Heros" of SPI SandCastle Days

Over the history of this event, we have had the good fortune to meet and hang out with some of the greatest sand-fanatics-who-won't-claim-master-status around. They keep coming back to Padre on the 3rd weekend in Oct. year after year, helping out where they can and contributing wonderful sculptures that really enhance this event.

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Beach Buddies - Jay & Nita Stevens

Jay & Nita have been coming to our event since 1992. They live in Dallas where they practice their sandsculpting skills in a backyard sandbox. They also share a passion for lighthouses and have some really great pictures on their web pages (click the banner at right).

Jay has since moved up to the masters category (see the "Hog Heaven" piece he sculpted in 2000 below) but they still deserve a spot on this page!

beach buddies link


Jerry Boehm

Jerry comes down from Missouri for this event. last year he was instrumental in collecting donations for the 24-hour group build. This year he has a set of shiny new SOB sandcastle carving tools and we can't wait to see him (and them) in action!


The San Marcos Suns

Every year about half the population of San Marcos, TX descends upon SPI in a flurry of sandsculpting activity. If we had to pick one group of non-island residents to give credit for this event's longevety, it would have to be the Suns -- led by Danny Dever and Mark Lambdin. These folks can carve sand and party with the best of 'em and each year we look forward to their arrival with unbridled enthusiasm and anticipation.

The Suns also host the traditional Saturday Night Party and bring along the Cajun Zydeco talents of Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones -- great tequila-drinking music!

The Suns have an extensive and very cool web-site which can be accessed by clicking the banner at right. Below is a photo of the sculpture they did in 1998 for Chilympiad.

san marcos sun banner


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