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17th Annual SPI Sand Castle Days
October 21-24, 2004

at the South Padre Island Sheraton


And the Winners Were:

Youth Elementary Division (up to 12 years old) Sponsored by Schlitterbahn Beach Water Park and the Shrimp Haus.

1. Team Nartexi of Austin, TX – Jonathan Stegall
2.The Beach Bums of Los Fresnos, TX – Gabrielle & Hassadah Daigle & Chris Gurley
3. SandCastle Days Superstars of San Marcos, TX; Marley Wade
Jackson & Nicholas Demaree, Wilson Davis & William Reynolds

Youth Secondary Division (13-17 years old)
1. The Skimmers of Los Fresnos, TX; Derek & Branden Gurley & Abbie Daigle
2. Dragons from San Marcos, TX; Nicholas Dever & Sam Hickey
3. San Marcos Suns Teens; Ryan Gray, Mary Davis, Santiago Demaree, Samantha Reynolds & Elysia Hartin-Stefanoff

Adult & Family Category

1.Austin Aquadillos of Austin, TX; Ky & Becky Terrell, Ky Jr. & Chris Terrell, Shannon Dollzenger & Mark Sandrum
2. Sand Chess, The San Marcos Suns; Mark & Vickye Lambdin, Wilbon & Ginger Davis, Bob Niemietz & Henry Kight
3. San Marcos Suns; Danny & Pam Dever, Paul & Heidi McCullar, Scott Dylla, John Kopycinski, Jose Gutierrez & Camilo Vergara

RGV Business Challenge (New in 2004) Sponsored by Banana Boat

1. Aptus Therapy Services of Edinburg, TX; Dennis & Martha Houghton, Becky Cameron, Iris Duran, Carmen Tamez, Donna Oakley, Paul Galvan, Jennifer Saenz, Elizabeth Trevino, Francis Guel, Mary Rodriguez, Brenda Gregory, Alicia Longoria, & Jessica
2. Teach for America from Brownsville, TX; Alison Ashley, Jenny Harvey & Nicole Mortorano
3. Center Pivot Message & Yoga Studio of Laguna Vista, TX; Aziza Barker, Valarie Woolfe, Mikail & Kate Davenport

TX State Championship (Teams of 2)

1. Kate Corning & Ron McDonald of Orlando, FL
2. Skullduggery of San Marcos, TX; Aaron Baker & Steve McCoy
3. Mea Sculpa; Karl Herpel & Barbara Johnson
People’s Choice all Amateur Divisions – benefiting the Laguna Madre Humane Society; Aptus Therapy Services of Edinburg, TX.

“Masters of Sand”

1.Carl Jara of Cleveland, OH - "Solace"

Tied for 2nd Place; Karen Farlich of Toronto, Ontario Canada ("Granny's Kids") & Meredith Corson of Treasure Island, FL ("The Beast Within")

4. Dan Doubleday of Treasure Island, FL ("Leap of Faith"

People’s Choice “Masters of Sand”; Sponsored by the Sons of the Beach SandCastle Wizards: Karen Fralich of Toronto, Ontario Canada with "Granny's Kids"

Do you like to plan ahead? WAY ahead?? Here are the dates for some future SPI Sand Castle Days!

Oct. 20-23, 2005
Oct. 19-22, 2006
Oct. 18-21, 2007
Oct. 16-19, 2008
Oct. 15-18, 2009
Oct. 21-24, 2010

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