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17th Annual SPI Sand Castle Days
October 21-24, 2004

at the South Padre Island Sheraton

Sand Castle Days 2003 was a smashing success! Below are the results - click here to see some photos of the 2003 event.

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“Masters of Sand”
1st – Dan Doubleday; Treasure Island, FL “Emerging”
2nd – Karen Fralich; Toronto, Canada “Jack in the Bean Stalk”
3rd – Meredith Corson; Treasure Island, FL “A Page torn from History”
4th – Fred Mallett; South Pare Island “Mad about the Piano”
PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Fred Mallett

Youth Elementary
1st – Sand Babes; San Marcos, TX
Solana Dever & Mattie McCullar
2nd – San Marcos Suns Jr.
Mary Davis, Marley Wade, Wilson Davis & Jackson Demaree
3rd – Wildcats; Georgetown, TX
Aryn Kroeker

Youth Secondary
1st – Sunset in Paradise; San Marcos
Cassie Martin & Sandy Dever
2nd – Squirrels; San Marcos
Nicholas Dever, Masin Cradit & Forrest Schiwald
3rd – Snow Crabs – Los Fresnos, TX
Abagaile Dagle & Lindsay Moe

1st – Austin Aquadillos; Austin, TX
Ky, Becky & Jeff Terrel, Mark Landrum & Shannon Jordon
2nd – Soup & Sand-witch; San Marcos
Barry Brittain, Winston Haun, Scott wade, Walt Roberts, Connie Haun, Vicki Brittain
3rd – Project sand; San Marcos
Danny & Pam Dever, Paul & Aaron McCullar, John Kopycinski & Scott Dylla

Texas State Championship
1st – San Marcos Suns: Mark Lamdbin & Wilbon Davis
2nd – Padre Blue; SPI; Dad Feets & Sharon Campbell
3rd – Mea Sculpa; Fort Worth; Karl Herpel & Barbara Johnson

PEOPLES CHOICE; Snow Crabs; Los Fresnos, TX

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