SPI Sand Castle Days

1989 - The Year of the Great Judging Controversy

This was the first year we had a dedicated masters category -- and also the first year that we adopted the event name "Sand Castle Days."

I have no photos of the competitiors sculptures, but remember very well what at least two of them looked like: Randy Hoffman re-created "The Last Supper", and the California Team did a really cool Halloween-themed piece.

My notes from this year also inform me that we had 16 visiting master sculptors (this was when we accepted teams as well as solos); that the masters had "six full hours to do their stuff" (!); that over 3000 visitor info cards were filled out; and that the estimated economic impact of the event for the valley was $50,000.


Demo Sculpture

master sculptors

1989 Masters

(Dolores, Aunt Dorothy, Spa-Cee, Greg, Brad,?,?, Amazin', feet, Todd, Chrystal, Kev-Dog and Chuck)


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