Pulling a project of this magnitude together requires the time, energy and dedication of lots of really talented people.

Suzanne Altamare

Started working in sand 20 years ago as an apprentice to Marc Altamare. Work mostly in free form sand sculpture for a living. My favorite subjects: antique motorcycles, octopi, miniature sand sculptures and animals. Love working in many art forms: painting, sketching, sculpting. Have a sand sculpture garden year round in Daytona Beach. Love to hide written messages in sand sculptures that no one else can see until I point them out.

Am an accomplished Cat Slave serving every ridiculous whim of three felines (it's pathetic). Love the movie, Fight Club. Listen to Pink a lot. Am a science geek at heart and adore Stephen King. The Hubble Space telescope is my favorite technology. Can make a dill pickle light up like a neon sign with an electric cord. Laugh way too much.

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