Pulling a project of this magnitude together requires the time, energy and dedication of lots of really talented people.

Karen Fralich

Karen began her sand sculpting career in a pottery studio in Guelph, Ontario, Canada in 1994. She was creating small clay figures for sale as novelty items at craft shows while also attending college to study Electronics Engineering Technology. The first time she tried sand sculpture she knew she loved it! For the next three years she was able to participate in one or two sand sculpting projects a year. Since 1999, Karen has been working toward a career as a sand sculptor. She also occasionally creates multimedia sculptures for movie productions. She has participated in 31 sand sculpting competitions all over the world. Currently, she collaborates with several sand sculpture companies in North America, Europe and Australia and also works with clients on an individual basis. INTERESTING TIDBITS Karen is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and she enjoys playing many kinds of sports such as baseball, hockey, surfing and skiing. She is currently addicted to watching "American Idol".

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