Pulling a project of this magnitude together requires the time, energy and dedication of lots of really talented people.

Jill Smith

Jill Smith is from Melbourne, Florida. After trying sand for the first time in 1996 she was hooked. A year later she left her career with the "power lunch crowd" and started Sandsational Sand Sculpting. She has worked all over the US and Canada. Jill has participated in all but one of the major sand sculpting projects in Europe since 1998 (Holland, Germany, Belgium, France etc, etc...). She was also part of three Guinness World Record events - the world's largest sand sculpture in San Diego, CA in 1997, and also in Almere, Holland when that record was broken in 2001, and for the European Record in 1999. "I am so lucky to be doing this. I don't have any formal artistic training. I've worked hard but I still have so much to learn. Sometimes I still feel like the 'new kid.' I love what I do. Everyday is an adventure!"

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