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Pulling a project of this magnitude together requires the time, energy and dedication of lots of really talented people.

Meredith Corson - Florida

Meredith and her partner Dan Doubleday own and operate Sanding Ovations, a sand sculpting company based out of Treasure Island, Fl. Together they travel the world creating commissioned sandsculptures and also manage to fit world class competitions into their schedule. Meredith is the only woman to ever win metal in the solo category at the World Championships in British Columbia, Canada and now has won many metals there including the 2001 Doubles World Championship with Dan.
Meredith recently made a quilt out of all the, (impossible to wear them all), t-shirts from the hundreds of events she has participated in. Meredith resides in Treasure Island, Fl. where she shares her time with her three children and partner in business, love and life, Dan Doubleday.

You may visit their web-site at www.sandingovations.com


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